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Centipede "double week" in Afghanistan

Saturday February 17, 2007 will be one of the milestones in the history of Centipede. On this day, the most remote, longest and the very first international military Centipede week ended. It was a “double-week”, actually, as it lasted for 14 days and was organized by the soldiers of the Czech Army in Feyzabad, Afghanistan.
Two weeks before, 3 cashboxes were placed on the base. Everybody could contribute. In total, 150,- € was collected. At the very last day, a tournament in table tennis and Centipede market took place. The auction of a plush centipede was the highlight of the day. The starting price of 8,- € went up to unbelievable amount of 140,- € . In this lovely “race”, Czech and German soldiers took part. In the end, the German soldiers won; the Czechs however were strong competitors.
A raffle and handing over of small prizes, among which were the nicest presents from the Centipede children, Centipede books and prizes given by the chief of the contingent, followed. After announcing the results of all the tournaments the chief thanked to everybody present and announced the total sum that had been collected:

 1 077,- €.

This amount was exchanged into US dollars that are more widely used in Afghanistan; altogether 1 347,- $.
All presents of the Centipede children were very successful and brought lots of joy. And they were sold very well, totally for more than 400,- €

Allow us to thank to Cpt. Horak and all the other soldiers for organizing the Centipede days. We would also like to thank to the chief of the troop Col. Salák; the event was organized under his patronage. We are very proud that during the visit of the orphanage the human idea of helping children who suffer ca me into reality and that it was possible to win for this idea all the others. There was a small step from the idea to the realization. However, this step took a lot of time and work, but it was worth it. We can only hope that Mrs. Bela´s biggest dream will come true – that Czech soldiers will teach the soldiers of other peace missions how to treat people that were affected by was and how to give him a chance for better life.

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